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So there is this kerfluffle, Patreon did a dick move and people are bailing. Lots of people are angry, hurt, sad and ready to say fuck it and go elseware. I’ve lost a couple patrons, and while I’m sad to see them go I 100% get why, and no I’m not mad or anything.

So where do *I* stand on this? My little patreon page hasn’t generated much more than coffee money, but then over the past year I’ve been in one of the darkest depressions I’ve had in a long time, and the content hasn’t been very reliable. That’s my fault, no one else’s.

But I can’t bring myself to bail from Patreon just yet,

I understand why people are angry, seriously I’d rather take the hit than making my patrons take it. I do wish the creators had been consulted ahead of time. but this was a business decision, and artists aren’t often considered business types.

I’ve come across three posts that solidified my decision not to bail.

Amanda Palmer’s post,

This Post:

And this:

I already made plans for changes to the patreon page, I’ll be making a few more.

I fully respect everyone’s decisions, regarding Patreon. Whether you decide it’s not for you, or if you decide to stick it out.

I hope whatever you decide, you have a great day/holiday season. Take care all.


Be Kind to One Another


EDITED: fixed the links.

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2 thoughts on “Some things on Patreon

  1. I’ll tell you what I said to one other person: Let the people who are donating decide. A few more cents is not going to make a lot of difference to many people when they think about it.

    1. Exactly. Even though we’re tight, a few cents isn’t going to totally break the bank (it might bend it a bit though 😉 ) I just see a knee jerk reaction fueled by emotion not clear thinking, which is why I did some research/reading before I decided, I think eventually people are going to creep back because there really isn’t an alternative.

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