Happy June.

So life has a habit of kicking our asses when we’re not expecting it. At this rate, I feel like it’s all that has been happening on our home front. Some things; first, I’ve noticed the website is being a brat when I try to load it, is this universal, or is it just my computer? If you have problems, please drop me a note so I can fix the site.

Life in general, well it’s been frustrating. My father in law passed away in April, we went back to Oklahoma for the funeral, and on returning my husband’s job slowed to a crawl. I’ve got a job interview tomorrow **crosses fingers** and we’re kindof struggling to figure out how we’re going to pay the bills. I usually try to keep this pretty neutral and keep as much of my personal life off of this site, but this stuff has severely and negatively affected my writing and editing.

I keep saying I need to write up a post on time management. Once I figure it out, lol.

Depression’s a bitch, and she’s been parked on my shoulders for the past year or two. It’s far beyond just being sad. This has been apathy, some very negative feelings about myself, my goals and my writing. Yes I’m working on myself. Yes I’ve got meds and yes I’ve got therapy. It’s one step at a time. One challenge at a time.

Right now my writing & pubbing goals are fairly simple;

  • Get E1 finished. I have some major rewriting to do at the end (I seem to have misplaced/lost edits I’d done of the last part of the book)
  • Get back on a schedule of some sort. I had a schedule for the site, I’d like to get that going again.
  • Get myself back to writing regularly. Once upon a time 3k a day was my norm. If I don’t hit that I feel guilty/angry and frustrated. I need to ease up on myself. My new goal is 400 words. The past couple of days I’ve been playing with a new shiny and that seems to be helping out a lot.
  • Stop being hard on myself. If I saw someone talking to/treating another writer the way I mentally treat me, I would blow up at them. I need to ease up out of my own face. (try to visualize that one!)
  • Play with digi art more. I’d been working really hard on new covers, getting some real progress done on my digi art stuff when it ground to a halt. I want to get back to that. I truly love it and I’ve got some pictures I’d love to tackle.

I want to have E1 finished and up for sale by the end of the summer. I want to get it put up in print. Right now that’s really all I plan on working on. Once that’s done, I’ll re-evaluate things and go from there.

I’d had a request a while back to put some of the digi art on things like mousepads, bookmarks, etc. I can’t find the email, and I didn’t write down who (I apologize) but I did go ahead and put together a zazzle store. Right now it’s a bit empty, but I’ll be adding more stuff the next couple of weeks. You can go check it out over here.

So Wednesday there should be a new chapter posted, here and wattpad, and hopefully new digi stuff by this weekend.

I hope you all have a great week.

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