There is a stigma to Self-Publishing that is very strong and very real. Even though I have decided to go this route for most of my work, I find myself struggling at times with the idea of validation. If you publish through the big/small publishing companies you have that stamp of approval from a “pro”. If you self-publish there isn’t that stamp of approval.

I’ve read on many boards, many places from people who simply avoid the self published books.

Why is there this stigma? Because there is a lot of crap out there. As stated over here

It’s like being allowed to make my own clothing line out of burlap and pubic hair and being allowed to hang it on the racks at J.C. Penney.

**snerks at visual imagery**

But seriously, think about it. Then go and cruise through some of what is out there. I have gotten the occasional self-pubbed bit o shit and deleted it from my nook midway through it because it is so awful. The biggest reasons have been tense issues, head hopping, grammar*, poor dialog structure, the list goes on.

I do find myself a touch nervous about this issue. How much harder it is for readers to find and trust my work. I have several grammar nazi friends and am considering looking into hiring a professional editor because I want to make sure my writing is quality.

Negativity in any DIY endeavor is bound to happen. There will be those people who simply will not go outside of convention to find a good read. Luckily though, I can’t help but think there are those who are willing to.

As my grandmother says, you can’t win them all. I’m not going to insult their intelligence, just ask they keep an open mind.

Here is another article by Catherine Howard over here which I found interesting (and quotes the same passage I quoted earlier).

The world of publishing is a very complex one, one I won’t pretend to understand fully. Negativity surrounds it, on all sides. I think that if we can keep our heads up and stay positive while the larger Publishing Companies figure out how they are going to adjust to the changing climate things will be much better in the long run.

Today I work on covers.
Just felt the need to share that. 😛

Take care all.

*I don’t consider myself a grammar nazi but if I notice bad grammar you know it HAS to be bad.

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