An update…

I’ve been thinking and writing and thinking. I think I’ve been thinking more than writing, but yanno how it goes.

I’m nearing the homestretch of The Fallen. the ‘short’ is now past 15k and I’ve got a good 5 or 6 scenes left to write. And I always write thin, so when I edit it, if it says under 30k I’ll be surprised. I like my twisted little fallen angel story. There’s something very… morbidly funny about it (in my head).

I’ve been considering doing a serial. I’m doing some research, I need/want to read over other serials to get an idea of how to do it. I have E1, all finished, waiting for some edits. The thought struck me, perhaps I could post it as a serial, say one or two chapters a week.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Why? Well… Why not? I haven’t decided. I need to finish The Fallen first so I can totally focus on the Elemental Wars series.

And I need to write up a few flash fics so they’re ready to go when friday rolls around.

I’ve also been practicing drawing, taking a ‘class’ over at I discovered something kinda cool… I CAN draw a straight line! There’s this desire, this longing to do some of my stories as a comic/manga style thing. But again I’m not quite sure how I would go about doing that, and my drawing skills are not there yet. But seriously that would be cool.

Health and Fitness stuff:

We have a zoo membership, and I went twice last week, I went on Mon and I’m considering going tomorrow again if the weather is nice. I walk the perimeter  letting the little ones enjoy themselves while I trudge up and down hills pushing a stroller with twin toddlers who each weigh about 30lbs. Along with our change in diet and doing my resistance training, I’m working hard on getting healthier. My scale broke so I’m not sure where I sit weight wise.

And now I go to rally the troops to do their chores. Have a good day folks, friday isn’t far off!




A chase beyond the Palace walls…

Princess Chandra’s little companion dog loves to get loose at the most inopportune times. To keep him from being chained up permanently, she
chases after him and into a world of danger outside the palace walls.

Book is available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo

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The right music, the right seating, wow what a difference!

I rearranged where the desktop-that-was-once-a-laptop was, tossed in the soundtracks for the Transformers movies and managed to kick out over 2k of words, in just under 2 hours. So in celebration of that sudden upchucking of words, I have a snip for you. More Fallen stuff. Very rough, it needs more emotion and description, so on and so forth, you know first draft stuff, but overall, I really like this story!

To set the scene; Alyssa aka Wanderer is talking with a fallen angel known as Anuk about her encounter with Fallen.


“Do you have something to say, Wanderer, if that is what you are calling yourself these days. Or are you going to stand around and stare.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt you.” She nibbled on her lower lip but stepped inside. “I had a couple questions, if you have the time.”

He set his tools down, wiped his hands on the thick leather apron and looked at her. His eyes going immediately to the tear-drop gem. He looked up at her, eyes wide.

“You have met one of my kind.” He pointed, stepping over and lifted the gem up in the light. “This is old. Very old. You know what they call them? Heaven’s Tears.”

“Anuk, do you know what the dome does?”

“No. The ones in charge of that are very secretive, they’re the first brood.” He let go of the jewel and stared at her hard.

“What does that mean? The first brood.”

“The first of the heavenly hosts. They were the experiments, with form and power.” He rubbed his eyes. “Who was it you met on your travels? Who gave you that.”

“He called himself Fallen.”

“A fallen, yes but,”

“Not A fallen, The Fallen.”

Anuk shook his head slowly. “Oh. Oh that’s, you gained his favor.” He pointed to the gem. “Understand this is a precious gift.”

“Who is he? Why would he have given this to me?”

Anuk shook his head. “I only know rumors, Wanderer. Just rumors.”

“I’m going to be gone for good tomorrow, I need to know what I’m dealing with.”

Anuk looked towards the door and nodded. “I only met The Fallen once, before he fell. He was a messenger, and a warrior for the Father. He spent some time, many generations, in a cold, northern area, I don’t recall what it was called. He returned to the Great City much changed. It was whispered he’d loved a mortal woman, who died. He and eight of his broodmates went to the Father in a closed meeting. I was in southern lands, when I heard that the entire first rank, the first nine the Mother bore, had fallen, together, and The Fallen had had his name struck from eternity.”


“It was a precursor for what was to come.”

“The war in Heaven?” Alyssa could barely breathe.

“Aye. But the first rank was different. They fell with the Father’s blessing.” Anuk rubbed the back of his neck.


“I don’t know. I was doing my own bit of, disruption.” He shrugged. “Fallen was widely respected, before the fall. Even afterwards he was, welcome in some of the greater floating cities. After mankind’s collapse, I fell, and I lost track of what others were up to. Where did you encounter him?”

Alyssa looked down at the Heaven’s Tear, trying to imagine what it would have been like to live to see so much. “In the city. Defending the dome.” She looked up at Anuk. “He spared my life. Showed me inside the dome and bid me to share what I saw with the elders.”

“And what did you see?” Anuk’s voice was hushed.

She fought the sudden onrush of tears. “Birds. Grass. Fresh water. Life.”

Anuk pointed at the jewel. “We see things far differently than the mortals. The oldest of us has tasted time’s bitter edge and knows how fleeting a mortal’s life can be. You are important to him.”

“I knew him for just a few days…”

“He saw something in you he wanted to protect. Ever the warrior, ever the guardian, no matter that he fell, it is his nature.” Anuk lifted the Tear again. “The Heaven’s Tears were given to us by the mother when we departed her loving home.” He pulled a heavy looking chain out of his tunic. Very similar, though a dark red dusky color, his Tear stood brightly against the dirty tunic. “It is precious to us. To all of the Heavenly Hosts.” He tucked it back inside his tunic. “If he gave that to you, he treasures you.”


Good night my darlings. I hope you enjoyed that snip.

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Just checking in

I’ve got some sort of respiratory thing again, sorry I missed the sunday serenity post. Just not feeling well.

IT will pass. It always does.

So it’s a monday, I lost my voice, and I’m trying to force myself to take it easy.

This week’s agenda;

Get back to my workouts – kinda fell off the wagon (again) when I started getting sick and dealing with sick kids.
Finish the Angel story – seriously this should be done already.
I would like to finish the Inside the Author’s Mind series of shorts, there are three more I want to write then I can get to formatting, new cover and have them ready for release. In Sept I plan on packaging all of them into a collection, but I need to finish them first! 3 little shorts, probably less than 3k each.

I’ve been debating posting the release schedule I worked up, however some changes to RL stuff means I need to rework it. But here are two things I’m positive are on the board;

The Fallen – post apocalyptic fallen angel thing – Late May, early June
Inside The Author’s Mind Collection – Six stories of what it is like to be a character/story element. There are three out right now, I need to write the other two – September

There are more plans but right now a lot of that hinges on RL stuff and the fact I AM on vacation.

Hope you all have a good week. Will try to update again thurs or friday depending on life stuff.

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Angel snippage

Wrote this this afternoon/evening/night and thought I’d share. Yes words are still flowing, and I’m still trying to finish this thing.


“You have become the recluse they always accused you of being.” The archangel stood, blocking the exit to the subway, pale wings spread wide.

“Hello Raphael.” Fallen pushed past him, hoping the archangel would follow him instead of going further into the subway. Not even the greater hosts of Heaven knew about the Life Force.

“What are you doing here, Fallen?” Raphael followed, almost running to catch up. Fallen glanced his way. The ‘younger’ archangel was of a later brood. Blond instead of white hair, blue eyes that pierced through the hearts and souls of mortals, instead of the pale gray from the earlier broods.

“My duty.”

“There are rumors going around.”

“What sort?” Fallen didn’t care, rumors always abounded in the greater cities of the sky.

“They say you saved a mortal who was trying to destroy the dome.”

Fallen forced himself to keep walking. “Who said?”

“Some of the cherubim.”

Fallen glanced towards the shadows. He felt the underlings and the reavers attentive. They would find the sneaky little arrow totting bastards and take care of them. Cherubim were like imps of hell. Thousands, spawned by the great mothers hidden in the floating cities. He turned on Raphael who took several steps backwards hands out.

“Fallen…” he began.

“You were told to keep those shit eaters out of my territory.” Fallen growled.

“I never sent them here. Gabriel did.” Raphael clamped a hand on Fallen’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t have sent them in.”

Fallen snorted. “What interest does Gabriel have in me?”

“There are odd happenings going on in the city.” Raphael glanced upwards and let his hand drop. “The father, the son, and the Dark angel have been busy with a game.”

“Game?” Fallen blinked.

“Old mortal board game, buying and selling with bits of plastic. They started about a century ago and are still playing. Listen, there is something happening, apathy fills the great cities.” Raphael looked down, not meeting Fallen’s eyes. “Some say tis better to take control while the father is not paying attention.”

Fallen stared. Schism?

“They feel the First Rank would interfere.”

“Why? I have not been to the Great City since…”

“You are, and we became because you fell.” Raphael looked up at the city again. “I must go. Guard yourself a bit closer than you have. Your life may depend on it.”



And I’m not sure how this will tie into everything else, but as always it all just got complicated. mwahahaha!!!!

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Sunday Snippage

I know, I know, it’s sposed to be Snippet Sat, but I missed a day. Here’s a snip from the current thing that took fire in my brain*.



He glided over the black goop that filled the basin north of the city. His guest wouldn’t be going anywhere. He did feel regretful that she’d been wounded, but it was better than death, wasn’t it? She deserved death for her interference. He sighed. When word got around, he’d have hell to pay.

Mist rose from the surface of the black goo. Devils blood the mortals called it, but it wasn’t, not entirely. Gaia bled for her betrayal. As the sun set, the fog thickened and he was the only light source, a dim light, but a light nonetheless. He was The Fallen, older than time, though not as old as the father. His light would never totally fade.

He maneuvered through the thick flocks of night terrors moving northward. He warned them, leave his home alone. They acknowledged, curious but not enough to change their flight pattern. As he neared the southern coast the sun had made it back to the east and it peeked over the horizon sending long rays of light piercing through the fog. Fallen flinched tucked his wings in and dove sharply towards an old jumbled pile of rubble that once, long ago, was a lighthouse. He landed, kneeling, head bowed, facing the rising sun.

I greet thee. He let the thought sit. Waiting.

How art thou, Fallen? She responded as she always did.

I exist, mother.

The city? The life source?

Protected. As it always has been.

Be happy, my son.

As the first brilliant rays of light passed by him, he felt the fragile connection broken. He sighed, stood, and lifted himself back into the sky to continue his flight towards the city, the dead zone and the Guardians who were mourning their losses.








*Yes I am still on vacation. I just can’t not write.

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Queston and call for research help

As posted on FB;

Ok internets, I am doing research on angels in mythology any site/book recommends that aren’t psychotic paranoia bullshit but actual; according to X this angel is X and stuff like that? I don’t want an over steeping in religious dogma I need the actual references of where this information originated (The Qua’ran, Torah, Bible etc.) 


To properly world-build this I need a bit of historic mythology knowledge from a wide range of sources, not JUST Christianity or what have you.

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New Bunny Snip

So someone showed me this picture of a biomechanical angel with a sword walking down a corridor..and I got hit with this scene;


The wind howled between the empty skyscrapers. Old trash, bits of floating paper drifted through the streets. In what was once a center for trade and international commerce, sat a glowing green dome, encompassing several city blocks. She crouched at the edge of the business district, naked blade in her hand, staring down the corridor between the buildings at the lightning dancing along the surface of the dome.

“It’s time, you know.” The shadow at her feet rasped. She nodded and straightened. “There will be no help from them.

“I don’t expect any.” She glanced above the dome towards the floating city above. “They’ll be watching though.” They always watched.

“They will regret not acting.”

“They don’t give a damn.” She retorted, took a deep breath and began walking towards the dome. The Shadow muttered something. She turned, frowning at it. “What?”

“Nothing.” It wavered at the invisible line between the old city and what they’d come to call the Dead Zone.

“Are you coming?” She asked exasperated.

“Into the dead zone? Are you crazy?” It hissed. She shrugged.

“There are Reavers out there you know.”

“There are trolls and deamons in there!” It shook its ghostly fist.

“Pick your poison.” She turned her back on it, continuing towards the dome. Behind her, she heard it hissing, swearing, and she grinned. It floated in front of her.

“This is the last time I let you drag me into one of these places, do you hear me?” It demanded.

“I didn’t lay a hand on you.” She stepped through it, laughing, glad for the company of even one ill-mannered and grumpy shadow.  Her destiny awaited her at the dome. If she died, at least she wouldn’t be alone.


I should mention that it is not her shadow, rather a wraith she picked up somewhere.

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