New Bunny Snip

So someone showed me this picture of a biomechanical angel with a sword walking down a corridor..and I got hit with this scene;


The wind howled between the empty skyscrapers. Old trash, bits of floating paper drifted through the streets. In what was once a center for trade and international commerce, sat a glowing green dome, encompassing several city blocks. She crouched at the edge of the business district, naked blade in her hand, staring down the corridor between the buildings at the lightning dancing along the surface of the dome.

“It’s time, you know.” The shadow at her feet rasped. She nodded and straightened. “There will be no help from them.

“I don’t expect any.” She glanced above the dome towards the floating city above. “They’ll be watching though.” They always watched.

“They will regret not acting.”

“They don’t give a damn.” She retorted, took a deep breath and began walking towards the dome. The Shadow muttered something. She turned, frowning at it. “What?”

“Nothing.” It wavered at the invisible line between the old city and what they’d come to call the Dead Zone.

“Are you coming?” She asked exasperated.

“Into the dead zone? Are you crazy?” It hissed. She shrugged.

“There are Reavers out there you know.”

“There are trolls and deamons in there!” It shook its ghostly fist.

“Pick your poison.” She turned her back on it, continuing towards the dome. Behind her, she heard it hissing, swearing, and she grinned. It floated in front of her.

“This is the last time I let you drag me into one of these places, do you hear me?” It demanded.

“I didn’t lay a hand on you.” She stepped through it, laughing, glad for the company of even one ill-mannered and grumpy shadow.  Her destiny awaited her at the dome. If she died, at least she wouldn’t be alone.


I should mention that it is not her shadow, rather a wraith she picked up somewhere.

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