Sunday Snippage

Ok, I don’t have a full flash fiction, just a little snippage from a project so far down the road I don’t see myself writing on it for a few years at the least. But this snip is just… I dunno it calls to me :P.


She leaned against him, trying to catch her breath. One close call after another was taking its toll. She wanted to sleep, to make it all go away, to wake up in Citadel in her own bed. She fought tears and fear. His arm around her shoulder brought into sharp relief, he was holding her. She looked up at him, and felt it again, the shift between them. His body stilled though he didn’t look away. He reached up hesitantly, pushed her hair from her face. So tender it almost made her want to cry. He took a deep breath, dropped his arm and stepped back, turning and striding back towards the campfire.

Ivonova closed her eyes, fighting embarrassment and a bit of indignation. She followed him, trying to replay the moment.

“Why did you walk away from me?” She asked, quietly. He knelt beside his bags, fiddling for something. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No.” His voice sounded rough.

“Am I displeasing to you?” She whispered. His shoulders hunched, he half turned, looking at her with those over intense eyes. She stepped back.

“No. But I am your guardian. Appointed by the gods. Nothing more.” He turned back tucking something into his bag. “Never anything more.”

She knelt beside him resting her arm on his shoulder, feeling him tense. “I’m sorry.”

“You have no reason to apologize Ivonova.”

“You must be lonely.” She stood, meeting his gaze. Startled, then guarded. She forced a smile. “Where do we go from here?”



Have a good day folks.

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