Technical crap

I am trying to add a blogroll -.-

I am learning that I seem to be technically disadvantaged. So please bear with me while I try to figure out these widget things.

I will get your link up….. it might just take me a while…

In the meantime…. have a snip (a very very ROUGH snip) from my current project Elemental Storm. Enjoy.


Outside there was again the sound of something or somethings flying overhead. Aitelle heard a series of deep guttural sounds.

“What is….” Rale began. Aitelle shushed him, listening carefully.

She felt like she was hearing a conversation on the other side of a long hallway. Words, she sensed there were words, but their meaning was lost on her. She crept to the window as lightning lit the grassy slope behind the house. Three shapes, wings half furled, heads low, dominated the field. Each was larger than the house they were in. Two of the beasts crouched, in the flickering lightning launched into the sky. The third settled back on its hind legs and in the lightning Aitelle lost sight of it. She slowly sank back realizing with a start that Rale had come up beside her.

“Wow.” Rale whispered.

“That one…. was…..” Aitelle looked at him. “Huge!”

“Northern dragons. Did you understand what they were saying?”

Aitelle frowned. “Almost. It was like hearing a conversation through closed doors.”

“Hope they don’t decide to eat us.” he muttered.


Slated for release sometime early next year, it depends.

now back to figure out this widget thing…

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