Back in ’03 I was a newbie writer with no clue whatsoever. I’d just learned that there were people who were like me and had stories and things they wrote. I signed up for an online crit group and with excitement and anticipation of glowing crits, put up the first version of the zander stories.

I was a bit shocked (gawd just thinking of my own ego back then hurts my head!) when the crits I got back were less than stellar. One of the critters actually told me to burn the whole idea (after admitting she didn’t even read that genre). I almost did, tbh, but then I got another crit which firmly pointed out what the problems were, what he would suggest I do to improve it and then pointed me towards this website called Forward Motion for Writers. He shared with me that they had free workshops, free challenges and tons of information to help writers improve their craft.

I wish I could remember who that was, I would love to send him a huge snuggle-glomp and a thank you.

Forward Motion is owned by an amazing lady, Zette, who, out of her own desire to help writers improve their writing. No one pays for her to do this. This is all out of her own pocket

Because of the forums, I have improved, I have gained skills and I am still improving on my skills. I have met writers who have become my dear friends. I have moved forward, learned a ton of stuff (you wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the stuff we talk about in chat!) and all because Zette runs the site.

Zette, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

You have helped so many writers. Keep up the good work!


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2 thoughts on “Thank you, Zette, for all that you do.

  1. And the Zander-crack continues. Finish that story, woman! 😛

    Now I wonder who that man was, too. Is he at FM, or was? It was nice of him to point you in a the direction of a place to learn to become better instead of just tearing down the story.

    As for chat, oh yeah. It’s great. So many people who know so much about so many subjects (and not just writing). Plus, my wordcount skyrocketed thanks to the wordwars and other challenges there. It’s a very good place to learn about writing, but also DOING the writing.

    And all because Zette takes the lead and sets the tone. She also does what she advises. 🙂

    1. I swear I’m working on it! 😀

      I know his name started with a J, I think it might have been Jonathan something or other, I don’t know. It was the first crit that really explained ‘this is where you went wrong, this is what I suggest you do to fix it’ with the encouragement ‘don’t give up on this story, build the skills to do it justice’.

      I wonder if he realizes how awesome he is. >.>

      I think one of the things I love about Zette is she doesn’t have that “I’m a mod, therefore I am god” attitude around her, like folks from other sites get.

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