you see it kinda started ok, some goodness happening… then…


well I’ll let the picture show you;


2013-03-04 19.36.30


That is my laptop screen. That is what happens when unexpected company shows up and I just close the screen, with mouse and keyboard on the unusable keyboard, and tuck it under the black chair beside my recliner. That is what happens when a 2 yr old decides to then use it as a step-stool.

This happened tues. Hubs and I discussed it. The plan is in the works to get a new laptop. But I’ve also sorta been wanting a tablet.


So hubs gave me the go ahead and I got one. Mainly for the multi-platform e-book readers. It’s easier to test across the board on the tablet than having to juggle three different readers.

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it 😛

it’s a samsung galaxy tab 2. I lurves it.


So right now I’ve got an external monitor, an external mouse and an external keyboard. I am going to be getting a new laptop here eventually, hopefully soon, but for now… it is the dtwal (Desktop-that-was-a-laptop)

Now to bed to get myself enough sleep for tomorrow. *waves**

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