The squirrel* thing has been biting me pretty badly. I look over my work and my list of projects to someday play with and I get excited. I can release ________ story as a series of novellas or I can do something with ________ story now, or …. or…..or…..

I’ve been fighting the urge to jump before my Launch date, working on the covers. I have some more things to do, betas to hear back from.

And write…

Oh yeah that’s what started it all to begin with. DWS also has a post about this scatterbrained planning that hits writers ready to embark on a new venture over here in which he discusses priorities.

I was considering listing off some of my projects I have planned to release between Sept 1st and Jan 2012, I have been playing with making covers and skimming over other works to get ready to send to my dear grammar nazi friends, I have two grammar books I am planning on going through to get a firmer grasp of those damn commas that breed every time I turn off my computer (I mean really, they are as prolific as my plotbunnies!) I have been skimming over tax laws and making sure my stuff that is already ready to go is properly formatted getting all this stuff done… But I haven’t written a new word in almost a week. Well, outside these blogs and the twitters and honestly re-writing E1’s chapter 7 doesn’t really count does it?

I think my biggest fear is loosing touch with the creative part of me, loosing touch with the new stories, the new ideas, the new words that are tapping the inside of my skull saying “Is it our turn yet?”.

It is a must to slate time to actually write NEW words on NEW projects (or projects who have been set aside for years). That is why I am doing this, that is why I am going to put my stuff out there. I am a writer, I must write. So with this bright new future stretching out before me, I will grab my shades, my notebook and pen (I don’t care for pencils) and write. Not sure what yet.

Look towards the future, my friends, not with fear of what might go wrong but with wonder and excitement of what can go right! Grab hold of your dreams with both hands and don’t let anyone take them away.

Have a great weekend people, those of you who are in the heatwave areas of the USA please stay hydrated and cool.

*Read Kris Rusch’s post on Popcorn Kittens if you haven’t already to understand the SQUIRREL! reference.

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