There are a lot of posts out there, a lot of talk about indi pubbing, self pubbing, small press, ebooks, and the more familiar ‘traditional’ publication. There are people taking up stances that the ‘traditional’ publishing/big publishing companies are teh evil! Others express that indi/self publishing is only done by people who are lazy, or trynig to make a grab for money. There’s talk out there about how small press or ebooks just aren’t worth the time.

So what exactly is indi publishing?  Well it is interesting, I always thought of Indi publishing as being independent, not going through a big corporation basically another word for self publishing. However I found on several blogs people nit picking the terminology. Apparently it is also thought of as another word for a vanity press in some circles or a small press in other circles. **rubs forehead** not good. I’m actually still lurking through various posts on the subject trying to gather more info, skimming through the comments. Sometimes the information in the comments section can be as informative as the original post.

Self publishing is exactly what it says; you publish your work yourself. Whether POD or ebook or what have you. Personally I am still gathering information, putting together a knowledge base.

Small Press: a small publishing company which doesn’t have the huge sales that the big guys do.

EBooks; wave of the future baby!

Lets talk about ebooks. For the longest time I resisted ebooks. I mean dudes, I LOVE the feel of paperbacks, I love the smell of ink on paper, the feel of the pages between my finger, the absent folding and fiddling with the corners of my books as I read. I mean really who doesn’t love that?  But there is (Amazingly) a downside to the physical paperback or hardbound book. Space.

Space? Yes, space. For instance, I am a mom. I have 9 kids. When I go out I have a loaded down diaperbag, bottles, sippycups, extra outfits, wipes, diapers, snacks, cellphone, planner, diaper rash ointment, bandaids (which are a must with small boys) the list is huge. The bag is heavy! add to it a couple paperbacks.

Now I just recently got a Nook. Which I LOVE. It is lighter. As a mom on the go with so much already on my plate, it is so much easier to carry the nook to dr appointments than fighting with paperbacks. I can also take a variety of books with my nook. So if I feel llike switching from one book to another I don’t have to fill my overfull bag with more than one item for reading.

Has it completely replaced the physical books in my household? No. I still love sitting in the bath with bubbles and a good book. I won’t take my nook in the bath I’m afraid I’ll ruin it!

Traditional Publication. Let me say this, I use the phrase “traditional” for lack of another term. I DON’T care for the term. It reminds me too much of Publish America, which is a vanity press. For more information on the dangers of getting sucked into PA’s trap go check out Absolute Write’s forum.

That said, the route I was taught was the BEST way to go was this. Write, edit, perfect your book, send it to an agent. Why an agent? Well to best negotiate your contracts. Oh, ok. The agent will then try to sell your work to an editor at a publishing company.

Well why not just send your work straight to the editor? Because most will not take unagented work. Ok.

Then you sit, and wait. Write another book, and wait some more. The time span it takes is daunting. And you know from reading the blogs of editors and agents I understand, they have a HUGE work load. But that is still 6 to 8 months of my time waiting for a send me a partial or no thanks and that is even IF I get an agent.

There are folks who will talk very negativly and passionatly about this process, and there are folks who will passionatly defend this as a tried and true way of being a successful writer.

My take on it: Yes it is a familiar pathway. But just because it is familiar doesn’t necessarily make it the BEST pathway for everyone.

I see 6 to 8 months, possibly more that the story could be making sales instead of languishing on someone’s slush pile. It could be gaining readership instead of being crushed under the pile of an over worked under appreciated editor’s table.

For further information and another, more experienced writer’s take on this check out Dean Wesley Smith’s posts here. Very well written and clear cut.


*note to self; countdown widgets. I need one…*

Nvr mind. 😀

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