I am slowly learning how to use twitter hashtags. One I was following this afternoon and participating in was #writechat. There was a discussion about .99 ebooks. This is something that I feel strongly about. Mainly because I have heard and read what people think of that price tag. “Crap.” “Undervaluing their work.” “Probably a pile of shit.”

I tend to both agree and disagree.

Let me explain, first go read Dean Wesley Smith’s article The New World of Publishing: E-Book Pricing.

Got it? ok Onward and upward!

When you spend your precious time working on a book, writing it, editing it, covers and so on, that is time you could be spending writing more works. If you have a book that is 50k and up, selling it for .99 as a permanent price feels as though you are not giving yourself enough credit. You are undervaluing your time and effort. Period.

I find this issue with graphic artists too. Holy hell my mother is an awesome artist and for the longest time she would undervalue her art. It would drive me crazy as she would set unbelievable low prices on things she SLAVED over for days and weeks even! It took a teacher at her college to sit her down and explained her time was worth far more than what she was charging people.

Now there are TONS of theories out there, tons of opinions for that matter. Having a sales plan “For now ______ story is priced at .99 on such and such a date that price is going to bump up to ________ get it while it’s cheap” might not be such a bad idea. Others price the first book in a series at .99 to “hook” the reader on their stories then when the reader goes to get book 2 it is full-priced. I can see the logic behind those two plans and I am sure there are others which make as much sense.

But when it boils down to it isn’t your work worth more? Isn’t your time worth more?

Now I might find myself thinking differently when Launch day comes around, I personally like the pricing plan DWS has listed.

So, my minions readers what do YOU think? Razzle and dazzle me!

why is it I never notice typos until AFTER I post?

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2 thoughts on “The Great Price Debate

  1. It depends on the book and your goals for the publication. Plus, you can have a couple different price points for the same book. “Surviving Murphy” offers a choice between ebook for $2.99 or paperback for $11 through my site or $8.50 directly from the printer. Mostly that’s because printing costs for small batches are blasted expensive, and I don’t have room to store more than ten copies at a time. Plus, I didn’t write it with publishing in mind. It was originally done as wedding gifts for six couples I knew getting started out around the same time.

    I’m offering my first novel a bit at a time free to read online, but the pricing will be pretty much the same when I offer it whole after it’s done its job driving traffic to my site.

    Now, would I offer the novel for $.99 a pop, full stop? No way! I’ve put years into that sucker. Maybe as a holiday release offer with the price to go up a bit come New Years, but not $.99 for all time.

    1. **nods** That’s a good idea about the holiday thing. **takes notes** 😀

      For some silly reason I tend to forget about the POD/printed version.

      That is cool RE:wedding gifts. Spending years to put a story together and perfect it and then price it, permanently, at .99 just bothers me. Sure it is not entirely my business how others price their stuff, but it still bugs.

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