I rearranged where the desktop-that-was-once-a-laptop was, tossed in the soundtracks for the Transformers movies and managed to kick out over 2k of words, in just under 2 hours. So in celebration of that sudden upchucking of words, I have a snip for you. More Fallen stuff. Very rough, it needs more emotion and description, so on and so forth, you know first draft stuff, but overall, I really like this story!

To set the scene; Alyssa aka Wanderer is talking with a fallen angel known as Anuk about her encounter with Fallen.


“Do you have something to say, Wanderer, if that is what you are calling yourself these days. Or are you going to stand around and stare.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt you.” She nibbled on her lower lip but stepped inside. “I had a couple questions, if you have the time.”

He set his tools down, wiped his hands on the thick leather apron and looked at her. His eyes going immediately to the tear-drop gem. He looked up at her, eyes wide.

“You have met one of my kind.” He pointed, stepping over and lifted the gem up in the light. “This is old. Very old. You know what they call them? Heaven’s Tears.”

“Anuk, do you know what the dome does?”

“No. The ones in charge of that are very secretive, they’re the first brood.” He let go of the jewel and stared at her hard.

“What does that mean? The first brood.”

“The first of the heavenly hosts. They were the experiments, with form and power.” He rubbed his eyes. “Who was it you met on your travels? Who gave you that.”

“He called himself Fallen.”

“A fallen, yes but,”

“Not A fallen, The Fallen.”

Anuk shook his head slowly. “Oh. Oh that’s, you gained his favor.” He pointed to the gem. “Understand this is a precious gift.”

“Who is he? Why would he have given this to me?”

Anuk shook his head. “I only know rumors, Wanderer. Just rumors.”

“I’m going to be gone for good tomorrow, I need to know what I’m dealing with.”

Anuk looked towards the door and nodded. “I only met The Fallen once, before he fell. He was a messenger, and a warrior for the Father. He spent some time, many generations, in a cold, northern area, I don’t recall what it was called. He returned to the Great City much changed. It was whispered he’d loved a mortal woman, who died. He and eight of his broodmates went to the Father in a closed meeting. I was in southern lands, when I heard that the entire first rank, the first nine the Mother bore, had fallen, together, and The Fallen had had his name struck from eternity.”


“It was a precursor for what was to come.”

“The war in Heaven?” Alyssa could barely breathe.

“Aye. But the first rank was different. They fell with the Father’s blessing.” Anuk rubbed the back of his neck.


“I don’t know. I was doing my own bit of, disruption.” He shrugged. “Fallen was widely respected, before the fall. Even afterwards he was, welcome in some of the greater floating cities. After mankind’s collapse, I fell, and I lost track of what others were up to. Where did you encounter him?”

Alyssa looked down at the Heaven’s Tear, trying to imagine what it would have been like to live to see so much. “In the city. Defending the dome.” She looked up at Anuk. “He spared my life. Showed me inside the dome and bid me to share what I saw with the elders.”

“And what did you see?” Anuk’s voice was hushed.

She fought the sudden onrush of tears. “Birds. Grass. Fresh water. Life.”

Anuk pointed at the jewel. “We see things far differently than the mortals. The oldest of us has tasted time’s bitter edge and knows how fleeting a mortal’s life can be. You are important to him.”

“I knew him for just a few days…”

“He saw something in you he wanted to protect. Ever the warrior, ever the guardian, no matter that he fell, it is his nature.” Anuk lifted the Tear again. “The Heaven’s Tears were given to us by the mother when we departed her loving home.” He pulled a heavy looking chain out of his tunic. Very similar, though a dark red dusky color, his Tear stood brightly against the dirty tunic. “It is precious to us. To all of the Heavenly Hosts.” He tucked it back inside his tunic. “If he gave that to you, he treasures you.”


Good night my darlings. I hope you enjoyed that snip.

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