Had an epiphany last night as I was chatting with a friend. For years, and I have bitched about it on my livejournal, I have had an aversion to Urban Fantasy*. Sadly most of my writer pals write UF, so I have to be careful what I say. It isn’t you, I have tried to explain, it is ME.

Well as we were talking, it occurred to me that my issue with Urban Fantasy is the ability to suspend disbelief. IF it is a post-apocalyptic world I don’t seem to have that problem, but for many stories that are Urban Fantasy I find it difficult to really push my disbelief aside and just enjoy the story.

And stories set on another world with OUR conveniences (telephones, cars, etc.) those really throw me off for some reason. I just keep thinking about the likelihood of a magic driven story set in a city that resembles NYC or LA or something.

Sometimes stories just grab me, the covers, the blurbs, and I itch to read them. like right now I have three stories I am REALLY wanting to read (once I get my quota for the day)….

There are those stories that, no matter how many paragraphs I struggle through, I find it difficult to read and I set it aside. There are writers whose early work might grab me; LKH is one, then fizzle out over the space of a series.

Overall, most UF, or UF styled stories just don’t grab me. It isn’t necessarily because it is bad writing, or bad worldbuilding, it is because my OCD brain is finiky and it has taken me YEARS to figure this out.

What is really annoying, is that I have an UF series idea. I’ve barely written on it barely thought about it in a while, and I know some nitwit out there is going to go “NO! WAIT! You HATE Urban Fantasy and you are writing one? Hypocrit!”





because I don’t hate Urban Fantasy, I just have a harder time reading it than reading, say, fantasy or science fiction.

So new writers, old writers and everyone in between, when someone says they don’t like a genre, it isn’t a personal affront to YOUR writing, an insult to YOUR ideas, it could be that, as I have always said, not everyone will love everything you write. Put on your big boy/girl pants and grit your teeth and remember the opinion of ONE person isn’t the opinion of all.

*And I managed to offend friend who, I’m guessing, thought I was dissing her work or knocking her style of writing. **rollseyes**

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