Somehow my brain connected the Marianas Trench with an intergalactic war in the stars and a space fighter doing a routine survey of a water-logged world. And a rookie screaming “We’re gonna crash!” to which the pilot asks “Will someone shut this damn greenhorne up?”

Really not sure where it would go from there. But it sounds fun.

Last night I finished the rough outline for Crossroads, and squeed muchly. Now since we are planning a major move in the next few weeks I really don’t think getting sucked into a project would be good, for the move or the project so I decided to go ahead and outline the next book in the series*. That led me to skim through some of my half finished, or finished projects from years ago.

A couple of them hold up surprisingly well. They are rough and awkward and dear gods need to be reworked, but over all… wow I’m impressed. Which one do I work on next?  I’m not sure. But I know this, I think I’ll write a prologue for all of them just to piss off the people who love to complain about prologues. Like writing about a bastard prince to annoy the people obsessed with avoiding cliches.


I write what I love to read. The problem with the so called ‘cliches’ is EVERYTHING written has, in some form or another, been done before. They can be done well and they can be done crappily. And there will be people who love it, and there will be people who love to bash it. The question is; is this what you love to read?  Then why not? If you love it, chances are other people do to. If it is something you love to read, then write it.

Don’t halt your writing because of worrying about what nameless unknowns might say. Write what you enjoy. Learn to write it well. Chances are you aren’t the only one**.

That said I am going to totally muddy the waters with this one; all of this does, of course, depend on what your goals are.

If your goals are to “bag an agent, be trad published” you might want to follow the agents of your dreams via twitter or their blogs (if they have one)  to see what they complain about and then not do it. Common sense imo, but doing your research before querying might be a good idea. That in itself is another post for another time.


and now for another shift in thought. Dean Wesley Smith has another post here About being a Writer vs Being an Author.

— A Writer is a person who writes.

— An Author is a person who has written.


A writer focuses on the next project and keeps moving forward, while the Author focuses on the last project. It is an interesting view, and one worth thinking about.

Personally, if I follow that set of definitions, I’m a Writer. That makes me really, really happy. 😛


and to wrap up this smorgasboard of a post I’d like to know what you all might suggest for other topics? Do you want me to host guest bloggers here? **pokes unseen readers** what would you like to see here?


oh speaking of guest bloggers, J.A. Marlow, author of the Salmon Run books (my recent reading obsession) did a guest blog over at Valerie Griswold-Ford‘s blog over here on Being Brave for 2012. Good post. Go read. 😀 And then go check out her Salmon Run books over on amazon or smashwords. Good stories. 😀


Edited to add; Jim Hines wins the internet again Bravo sir!


* I should outline Crown of Bones since I need to get that project written before oct.
**For what it is worth I ENJOY the underdog farmkid who discovers he is the last line of a monarchy long thought to be dead. DAMNIT those are fun books.


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