I posted the following on my personal FB, because fb isn’t accepting my info for my writer fb and locked me out. I’m so done with fb.

So I won Nano. I finished BP and I started working on SL (book 2). I took a couple days off to veg a bit then a thought occurred to me after listening to one of dws’s tips. I did between 1600 – 2k daily through nov. if I kept writing at that rate, next year this time I’d have somewhere around 730k.

730,000 words.

BP came out to 114k.

My goal for SL is about 100k

I have a lot of projects on the boards. If I stay writing daily, I can knock them out.

So around the 3rd(or 4th), I jumped back in the saddle. My goal is 2k a day and so far I’m surpassing it. In the future I might hit it. I might miss it. But every day I want to try.

SL, which officially got started the maybe the last week of nov?, just passed 20k.

And it feels so good to be writing daily without nano hanging over my head. Cause it’s not for a little badge, and a once a year blast of writing. It’s cementing a habit of daily writing that has been missing for years. It’s reclaiming a little bit of me that got shoved aside and lost. It’s coming home. Hello me, welcome back.

So yeah. I’m using my phone to post here right now. The current stats for SL is sitting at 24k and change.

I’m planning on redoing the website. Maybe this weekend I’m not sure.

Be Kind to each other.


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